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Hi, my name is Linda Marcus. I'm the owner and the designer of Linda Marcus Design.

I've been making handbags in the USA for nearly 6 years and I love what I do. 

I actually don't think of myself as a designer, but more of a storyteller whose medium has changed many times over the years. More on that a bit later! 

Right now, I create handbags ( and some clothing ) that reflect the strong unique women in my life. I even name some of the handbags after them!  I usually only make a small number of specific styles and then move on. I also put vintage linings in all of my handbags which means no two handbags are the same. When I do this, it reminds me that no two women are the same. I think that's something that we need to protect and encourage. Can you tell I'm a mom of two daughters?

Please feel free to look at my bags and let me know what you think! More on my journey soon.