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Linda Marcus Design/Handmade in the USA

One of my handbags is as unique as the woman who carries it and like women, no two are exactly alike.
— Linda Marcus

The Idea

The Idea behind Linda Marcus Design is two-fold;

First, to create handmade handbags in the United States that reflect the uniqueness of woman of today. This is achieved with the thoughtful design and use of materials in each and every bag. In addition, many of the handbags are named after woman who have inspired Linda throughout her life. 

The second idea is to reflect what is inside a woman of today; a woman who knows who she is and gives back to the world. 

This idea is achieved by supporting various domestic charities and internationally through a micro business loan organization called KIVA( Link here? )

Linda Marcus Design takes a portion of the sale of each handbag and supports women around the world that are either trying to start their own company in fiber or already work in a fiber related company by giving a KIVA loan.

According to KIVA, the paid back rate of most loans is 98%. When this happens,  Linda Marcus design makes another loan to another woman. 

Style & Quality

The style and quality of a Linda Marcus Design handbag is rare.

Each design is carefully crafted to allow maximum utility and at the same time maintain an edginess with a luxurious feel.

 With the world quickly changing, women are being asked to perform more and different types of tasks.; a Linda Marcus Design handbag allows a woman to navigate that world with ease by use of smart design and unique materials..

100% Handmade

Linda Marcus handbags are  100% handmade in the USA.

Each design and each handbag is carefully crafted by a professional artisans with great attention to every detail.

The combination of unique linings and this handcrafted aspect of each handbag create truly unique pieces of art. 

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